Saturday, March 18, 2017

Perfect weekend getaways - Manali

Reporting live from the snaky mountainous roads, somewhere in Himachal Pradesh, here I am again, taking​ another tour to enjoy the natural beauty of the Himalayas!
This time, it's Manali, the beautiful valley sitting in the lap of the myatic Himalayan mountains!
As I write this, it's 3:30 am IST, it's dark everywhere outside, with the distant mountainous landscape dotted with dimly lit white and yellow lights, indicating the ever-present human encroachment. While we pass through the snaky roads taking innumerable left and right turns, no-one but me and my camera, which is currently in the stand-by mode, know what we are missing. The green covered mountains, the numerous rivers and ravines that have worked upon these mountains over millennia to make what these are today, and possibly, still working on these, to further modify the landscape tor the coming generations. Though, I know most, if not all of these rivers and ravines, are on the verge of extinction. Why I am talking about these rivers and ravines? These, for me, are some of the most beautiful places, I for one, would like spending most of my time, while I do a road travel through these roads. Sometimes, as I fantasize about the stoppages I would've made, had I come doing a self drive through these roads, I think, I would need a lifetime in covering a small distance through these roads.
Anyways, getting back on the topic, the year of the outings, as I stated in one of the previous posts, while i was on another outing, is turning out to be a great year, with, the second outing of the year, already in progress, and another one already planned in the next month, this is turning  of information out to be a dream come true for me - me, my camera, and beautiful escapades where I could spend some quality time away from the daily hub-bub of our daily lives, hitting the office chair at ungodly hours of the day, often wanting you to wake up at odd hours, while the rest of your neighbours are sleeping, away from the worries of the world.
Today is day one of this outing,and I am already getting a good feeling about this trip, the only disappointment being the beauty enroute will be missed,, as both the times I 'll be traveling through these during night hours. The rivers flowing below in the valleys, the very dimly lit rivers just remind of how beautiful these could've been had I got a chance to watch these through during day time.
Anyways, I see some exciting stuff coming up here in this space in the next two days, so please keep an eye here.