Saturday, January 16, 2016

Was it for real?

This was the route I travelled everyday, and I have been doing so for close to three years now. From the last three days I could see one guy at one particular point over the elevated road I used everyday. This narrow road which is supposed to have vehicles, mostly smaller, personal ones, get to see even slower moving vehicles like bicycles a bit less often, and seeing people walking on these is something one barely sees once or twice a year, not more than that. Not because these slower moving vehicles or people are not allowed on these roads, though they are suggested not to use this elevated part of the very busy road, but more because it is quite dangerous for these slower moving vehicles and pedestrians with this narrow space and the fast movin vehicles. There was something really odd about this guy. Since the past couple of days, I was seeing him almost on the same spot, irrespective of the time I reached there, as if he waited there for hours. While, I never paid too much attention to passersby while on the road, there was something about this guy that made me pay attention. One thing being his uncanny location. The other weird thing about this guy being his strange behaviour of walking on this narrow stretch of elevated road, all alone, everyday, right against the flow of the traffic, more so, in a manner which appeared unhindered by any of the external elements.

While, I zoomed past by this guy every single time, I never paid too much attention to him, taking him as some mad guy who liked walking this narrow elevated road. Today I was pretty late at office and was in a hurry to get back home. I knew I will get stuck in the long traffic snarls at multiple points, which had, by now, become one of the most unnerving feature of this bustling metropolis I was living in. Everywhere one went, there was construction activities going on. Buildings, Elevated corridors, construction of metro, both under and above the ground was in full swing, for this bustling metropolis by now had a public transportation system which had come of age, and was creaking with the load the ever increasing population was putting on it. People rarely had time for others, and even at times, people didn't have time for their near and dear ones too, something I could find in smaller cities I sometimes visited to. Even those who didn't know each other shared a few customary greetings while passing over.

Well, back to my guy, the third thing weird about this guy was a bit of uneasy feeling everytime I passed by him. Something I had brushed over as an unexpected situation seeing a pedestrian walking over this narrow elevated road, where pedestrians aren't supposed to walk, and, the extra care we had to take not to cause any hurt to them, if we came across such people here. Weirdly, this guy was again at the same spot as he was there on the previous three days. Since now it was pretty late, the traffic had increased a lot. While I climbed up the flyover, I could see the guy at a distance, weirdly enough, as I noticed through the slow moving traffic, no one seemed to pay any attention to this guy, as if he never existed there. As I approached him from the distance, I could see him acting like a normal human being, trying to evade the oncoming traffic, but surprisingly, none of the vehicles seemed to see this guy. As I neared him, I suddenly realized that some of the vehicles I was following were passing right through his body, and still no one appeared to see him, or care any more to try and make sure that they did not hurt this guy. A cold wave passed through me, as if someone had poured a bucket full of ice cold water right on my head. One by one, the vehicles on the road, ahead of me passed through some of his body parts, and he stood there, as if he wasn't getting hurt by these passing vehicles. I squeezed the brakes as hard as I could, bringing my car to a near sudden halt, as I was still seeing this guy being passed through the vehicles ahead of me.

The reaction from the cars and other vehicles behind me was, just as expected, sudden, and the traffic came to a sudden halt. No one moved further, and while I was still watching over this guy right ahead of me, the people behind started honking at me, to tell me to move my car ahead. But I was as cold as one could be, seeing a real ghost, right in front of their eyes. After the honking didn't have any effect on me, some people came out of their cars to check out if everything was fine with me. While I was very preoccupied staring at this guy in front, no one I directed towards the guy could see him, and this is when I realized that he was a real ghost whom only I could see. I had been a non-beleiver all my life, and all of a sudden, I get to see a ghost right in front of my eyes, one which only I could see, and anyone else can't, and this situation turned weird as this had caused a long traffic jam at a busy road during this peak traffic time. People around asked me to move over as there was no one, but I couldn't as I was seeing what other couldn't. This was when some good guy came over and offered to to help me get my car out of the situation, so that the trailing traffic could go through. I moved over to the passenger's seat, he took the steering wheel, and drove me off, while I was still watching over the guy on the road. He took me out of this weird situation, and once we were down the overbridge, he parked me aside, and offered any help he could. I told him I was fine, but clearly, I was not, and he could see it on my face. He offered to call someone for help, and I handed over my phone to him to  give a call at my home and ask them to send someone to help me out and drive me back home. While the help arrived from home, this guy was right there with me, trying to pacify me, trying to understand my situation, but I was in a tricky situation here. I could see a guy on the road whom no one else could see, and this was a frightening experience for me. Help came over, and they drove me back home. Doctors tried to help me out with trying to learn what happened. As I told them, the response was as I had expected. No one believed me, and they thought I was hallucinating, which, I clearly know I wasn't.

I spent the next few days at home, trying to recuperate and shelving off the incident as something out of ordinary, but nothing to be afraid of. I had started believing that I was actually hallucinating, but that fear of stumbling over with this figure was still somewhere in my mind, something that made me change the route I travelled, entirely. Till date, I do not know what the truth is, but I do believe that what I saw, was not some kind of hallucination, but was for real.

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