Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pranksters onboard

The music had just begun, as I entered the lobby. I could hear the beats of the loud music that was playing in the party hall. Guests were still arriving, although the party must have started around an hour ago. All I was fearing was that the guys would kill me because I was late and that too by more than an hour. I was feeling nostalgic for I was meeting the guys after a long long time. It had been around five years when we last met. Nitin, the host of the party, is a dear friend from my college days. He had been one of my best friends all through till today. It was he who literally forced me to come here, or I had a couple of meetings scheduled, which I had to cancel because of Nitin.

The occasion? None of us had any idea because Nitin told us nothing. All we knew was he was hosting a party and all of us had to be there. I asked wanted to know who all were coming, but then, he didn't tell this as well. The only one who knew about who all were coming was just Nitin. He had always been a mischievous kind. Even in the college, he would not hesitate in playing pranks right in the middle of the classroom with the professor taking lectures, and his soft targets used to be Reema and Anand. Most of Nitin's pranks used to be targeted at these unlucky souls.

While I was just clueless about the occasion or the reason for the party, I was sort of certain that Nitin would have managed to gather almost the whole of our group of 8 people that we had back in college. While two or three, like Nitin, Gaurav and Rahul, I had been in constant touch with all these years, others like Reema, Anand, Geetika and Anushka had been out of touch, and I had no idea how did Nitin manage to reach out to them, if he had been able to do so. One thing I was sure about though, Nitin would leave no stone unturned to try and gather the whole gang, so I was looking forward to meet everyone in the gang.

For us, college was just an extension of school and for three years, all of us went to the college was to meet the others. While I and Nitin used to live not far away, all the others were quite far away from us and the college as well. A prankster that Nitin was, he often used to be out of the lecture room for his pranks, and would often take others too with him when he was forced out of the classroom.
Lost in my thoughts, I had now reached the party hall, and saw lots of people on the dance floor, grooving with the beats of the loud music. All my eyes were doing was scanning through the faces to find a familiar face. I found no one, not even Nitin. There was no one whom I could enquire about where Nitin was as no one knew. I roamed through the entire party hall do make sure that I didn't miss anyone, but in vain. I tried calling up Nitin but his phone would ring and he didn't pick it up. Others' phones too were constantly out of reach. Now I had given up the hope, reached out for a glass of water and decided to leave the venue as no one was there whom I knew. The party was over for me. As I reached the exit I saw a familiar face. It was Reema. She didn't see me, and was standing there as if waiting for someone. As I reached her, she recognised me, and we shared pleasantries enquired about each other and chatting. This was when I heard a voice from behind. The whole gang was there. Smile spread over my face as I saw Nitin manage to get everyone onboard. I literally ran towards the gate and seeing me, they all stood up there.

I reached them, stood right in the middle, and that was it. This time, I was the target of Nitin's nasty prank. This was all planned. As soon as the reality struck me, I was immovable, and all of them were literally laughing like mads, others too eventually joined in the laugh. I was immovable, quite literally. These guys had planned this for me. They had put some superglue right on the floor, and had set up the trap for me to get caught. Reema, again played the scapegoat and led me to the trap they all had set up for me. After a while, they all got me freed up from the trap. It was a great evening we all spent together. Throughout the evening, we had had great deal of fun, and we literally went back to the old times we spent in the college, discussing and having a heartful of laughs over numerous incidents in the college.

After some time, we all parted to go back to all our lives, with a promise that we will be in touch for the rest of our lives.

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