Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mishra uncle

In some part of the congested city of Delhi is our colony. This colony has quite a lot of effluent people living in. Now since the people are effluent, the facilities too have to be highend. So, we have some good parks that are well maintained by the municipal agency, our park is so well maintained that at times, it even appears like a beautiful garden. Now since the park is so well maintained, some rules have to be strictly followed. One of these rules is that dogs and other pets are not allowed in the park, even though, other stray dogs can commonly be seen in the park without any restriction, and no municipal body can really put a restriction on these animals. It is early in the morning on a Sunday. Dozens of people from nearby residential complexes and apartment buildings have flocked to this nearby municipal park to workout. It's not just the workout but sort of recreation. Children come here to play, lots of people come for morning walk, some work out, some just sit and enjoy the beauty of nature, and a lot of others come here to meet their friends. These are usually old people, most of whom have retired from their work and are now the golden days of their lives.

One among these was Mishra uncle, as he was fondly called. He was a really peppy character, though there was not much to brag about him, his witty nature, his calmness was something no one who ever came in contact with him would ever miss. One more thing that is special about him is his language. His is a very crude language with what he speaks appears to be a mixture of Hindi and Bhojpuri. We met Mishra uncle for the first time around 2 months back when he moved in with his son after he got retired. Luckily enough for Mishra uncle, a flat was empty in the same apartment building which his son lives in, and even better was the fact that this flat was right next to his son's flat, and they managed to buy the same for themselves. Afterall, Mishra uncle was a man with a high self esteem and did not want to become a burden for his son and daughter-in-law, so they had decided that if they will be moving in with his son, it will not be staying his son's house, since he knew that it will not be very good for him to be a burden on his son, no matter how his son and his daughter-in-law respected  them.

When Mishra uncle moved in he came with his dog, Moti. A good natured dog, Moti is one of the best friends, Mishra uncle has got. Much to his affection, Moti is like his younger son so he loves him a lot. He takes Moti wherever he goes, and he prefers to just stay away from places where Moti is not allowed. It had been some days after Mishra uncle and his wife had moved in their new home with Moti. Though, Mishra uncle had been quite an outgoing type of person, who loved to explore the surroundings, he had chosen to stay inside for some days. He later revealed to us that he used to get nervous with the kind of traffic this city has. That day too was a Sunday, like today, when we first met Mishra uncle. We are a group of teenagers, and as it goes for most active teenagers, we loved to play out in the park, and on a Sunday, it is our bonanza. Mishra uncle came down his home for the first time since he had moved in this home. Moti, as usual, was along with him. He was a very active dog, and lovable too.

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