Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mishra uncle's Music loving dog

This was both, Moti's and Mishra uncle's first outing after they shifted. Moti appeared to be too happy about this outing, afterall, he was a dog who loved going out, and for the earlier part of his life, Moti had been living in a city with lots of open spaces, a spacious bungalow provided by Mishra uncle's company, and lots of open land to do whatever he wanted. Mishra uncle too had allowed Moti do whatever he wanted for he always wanted his son to be happy. Even if this happiness meant Moti digging up right at the roots of the mango tree which Mishra uncle had planted with his own hand, and now this tree was bearing fruits and for weird reasons Moti liked digging up the soil around the roots of the tree.

While aunty too loved Moti, this behaviour of Moti always frustrated her as she loved the plants in backyard kitchen garden, and Moti at times acted as a menace for her plants. Once both were out of the building, Mishra uncle carefully guided Moti to the park entrance. The beautifully crafted gate of the park, which had flowering vines covering up the gate and trellis' had a security guard placed to control entry into the park. Now Mishra uncle was not aware of the rules of this park, and when the he saw him approaching the gate of the park, the guard stopped Mishra uncle from entering the park citing the rules.

Now Mishra uncle has been a considerate man. He understands the need to follow the rules, and thus, he didn't have a quarrel with the guard. He understood clearly that the guard was just doing his work, and it was worthless to indulge in an argument with him. Now he moved out, and with Moti by his side, Mishra uncle now strolled down the path along with the boundary wall of the park. He went for quite some distance, came back and from right in front of the gate, moved to the next end of the park. Mishra uncle came back with two cups of tea, a packet of milk and a bowl. He now asked  the guard politely to have a cup of tea, calm down and take a deep breath. Here came in the yoga lesson. Mishra uncle taught a few yoga steps to the security guard, and asked him to follow the steps. The elated guard followed what Mishra uncle taught him.

Once the yoga lesson was over, Mishra uncle handed over Moti's chain to the guard, poured milk in the bowl and placed this bowl on one side of the gate, and called Moti over. Once Moti finished the milk, Mishra uncle again handed over the chain to the guard and requested him to take care of Moti while he came back after a quick stroll from the park. He also asked the guard if he was having a cellphone, and if he could play some music as Moti loved music. This came in as an amusing surprise for the guard, he burst out in laughs, for he had heard something like this for the first time.

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