Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mishra uncle's 35 run inning

As he moved in the park, Mishra uncle was elated to see so many people in the park. A lot of different activities were going on in the park. At one place, kids and teenagers like us were playing different games like cricket, badminton. At some other place, old people from the nearby buildings were taking yoga lessons. Mishra uncle particularly got attracted to the group which was taking the laughter yoga session. He jumped towards the group to check out the people who were laughing so loudly and what was making them laugh like that. As he came near, he found that there was nothing to be very happy about that was making these people laugh. This was just a session where people were laughing for a workout. Mishra uncle decided to wait and what out the group for a while. He sat down on a bench and watched them for while before moving out from there. Next he took a  stroll down the park, curiously watching the people.

This was when Mishra uncle first interacted with us. He came to the part where we were playing and stood there for some time. We were playing cricket when a ball reached Mishra uncle. We asked him to throw us the ball, and he happily did. Mishra uncle moved a bit closer, and was now standing right where the other players were standing, waiting for their batting turn. Mishra uncle was watching us curiously when someone asked him whether he wanted to play. While none of us was very sure whether he would agree to the offer and whether it was a good idea to ask him to play cricket with us, but much to our surprise, Mishra uncle readily agreed. Though, he had one concern, Moti. He asked one of us to go and check out at the gate if Moti was troubling the security guard. Mishra uncle's turn came to bat. He held the bat and as the very first ball came, it went out of the boundary. This was amazing. We never expected him to send the ball all the way out of the boundary for a six, that too the very first ball. By that time, the guy who went to check out on Moti was back and told Mishra uncle that Moti was quietly enjoying the music.

That day Mishra uncle added a very precious 35 runs off his skillful batting, to our total score and eventually helped us win. We all enjoyed his company and his playing skills were not very much like what 60 year old man was expected to have. We all left the park together when we found Moti sitting calmly right under the guard's chair and enjoying the song the guard had played on his cellphone. As Mishra uncle called him, he stood up and ran towards him. While we were very happy about our new teammate, his dog was also a great companion for us all, afterall, he was such a lovable, cute and peppy dog. 

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