Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mishra uncle - The Yoga Guru

Right on the first day that we met him, Mishra uncle had made a place for himself in all our hearts. Though he was yet to touch the hearts of the adults of the nearby apartment buildings, he was already a hero for the security guard of the public park we all went to, whom he taught a few good yoga steps and also, treated him like a respectable human being, unlike a lot of others living in such high rise apartments. More than anything, Mishra uncle had a tea with him in the morning, and didn't ever ask him to now let his dog inside the park against the rules of the park. For the security guard, Mishra uncle was a kind hearted old man who understood the importance of rules and also knew how to respect everyone, irrespective of their stature in the society.

For us, the youngsters, Mishra uncle was a kid in the body of a 60 year old man, one who could hit 35 runs off some 4-5 overs, and still managed to play like one of us without even letting us feel that we were playing with someone almost the age of their grandfather. What would it be like to have a grandfather, so cool, so energetic and yet so down to earth? - A feeling that would probably have touched most of us at one point of time or the other. What's better? He had a really cute and beautiful dog who was as energetic as Mishra uncle, if not more. His nice fur, great habits and his ability to mingle around with almost anyone was unparalleled, and to top it all, Moti loved listening to music, what a combination to have! All in all, Mishra uncle was a rockstar of sorts!

Now since he had touched us with his grace, it was the turn of the others to come in Mishra uncle's mystic touch. The next day, while we all readied ourselves for our schools, Mishra uncle was in park, yet again. Again, he had a tea with the guard and again Moti was sitting right next to the park's gatekeeper's chair, enjoying the folk songs the guard loved listening to, on his cellphone. No matter whether Moti really understood the songs, or really liked the tune, he would simply sit by, as if he understood why Mishra uncle, who never separated himself from him would leave him here at the gate of the park to enjoy in the park. Today was the turn of the olderly people residing in the buildings nearby, the ones who usually acted according to their age, spending some leisurely time in the park in the morning, giving some much needed workout to their body. Some engaged is slow stroll around the park, some just sitting around, and some in the laughter yoga session Mishra uncle had observed the other day.

This time around, Mishra uncle decided to act a yoga guru to help people feel the laughter instead of just acting it. He went right inside the circle where the old men and women of the colony were laughing for the sake of exercise. Mishra uncle introduced to himself as their new yoga instructor, much to the awe of everyone there as none of them had asked any yoga instructor to help them out, and no one knew who sent them a new yoga instructor. Anyways, Mishra uncle started his yoga sessions of a healthy and hearty note, with his jokes and now the people there were feeling really happy and were laughing their hearts out, and not doing the same for the sake of the exercise. Something much to the awe of most other people of his age, present in the group.

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