Thursday, January 21, 2016

Maps, really?

A few days back, I was doing up some cleaning some unused stuff in my room, the place had been through a wreck, all throughout its life, because me being a reckless and a careless person. It is not among one of my traits to finish one thing before hopping on to something else. I have been hopping on and off over different things, almost all my life. Though, it is not that I leave anything incomplete, as I make sure that when I start something, it has to reach a logical ending, ofcourse, if it is possible for me to take it there. So, stuff has been found to be lying around in my room, spread like litter, on the workbench, as I am working on a lot of different things all the while, and don't "like keeping away things while I am working on them". Anyways, back to where I was, ah yes, I was cleaning my room. Why? Because I had got a warning that the unused stuff and books and dozens of tech magazines be removed from my room, and be sold away. It's not under our control, all the time, you see. An order's an order and one has to follow it, come what may.

As I was going through all this stuff and other things to check out if I had kept something important, worth saving, within them and forgot, before these go out of the house. This was when I stumbled upon this map. A big map of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, both in Andhra Pradesh. This was from an unplanned trip from 2005, the year I completed schooling. I had to go down with my dad for one of his works there, and so I picked up the map to help us navigate through the tourist attractions of these cities. That too was a time, people like me, crazy enough to go on a hunt for famous and not so famous places, hit the streets with huge maps like one of these, and still, got lost at times, only to find themselves in a soup in a land far away from home, a place where the locals don't speak the language you speak and you can't speak the language they understand. I've had brush ups with this very situation a number of times, and I completely understand the frustration of not being understood, and not being able to understand as well.

This situation was made a bit easy for people like me when satellite based navigation system came in place in the mainstream use here at home, sometime in the late first decade of this century. It was still not that affordable, as not everyone could buy expensive handheld GPS devices. But things came in for a turn when this piece of extremely brilliant hardware made its way in consumer equipments such as smartphones, wherein most, if not all smartphones getting shipped today come with one or the other satellite based navigation system. So much so that even cars started shipping with a navigation system as an essential add on for the vibrant youth of the millennium, keeping in mind the ever growing needs of the people to be able to reach out to their destinations without much hassles.

Now everyone could use a smartphone or a built in navigation system in a car to drive down to their favourite location, without getting lost, no matter where on earth one wanted to go. No more asking people about directions and them screwing up for no apparent reasons with one guy telling you to go right and after driving down 20 kms to the right, you are told to go back 40 kms to reach your destination. More than anything else, we guys have been known of shying away of asking for directions, even if we are in a completely new place, as if we have some kind of GPS instrument fitted in our brains which would guide us to the right spot, every single time. This new piece of technology helps us here as well.

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