Friday, January 22, 2016

I-Spy - Intro

That's my name, yes, No. 0023 is what they call me, and with that kind on name, and the work I do, I do not remember when was the last time I heard my real name. Sometimes, I just fear that someday, I myself will forget my own name, the name which, before joining this organization was who I was, the personality that was defined by that name, using which everyone called me all these years. But then, looking back at the nature of my work, I realize how important it was to hide my real name and identity. Something which had the potential to wreck havoc in the lives of those I know and those who love me, and not to mention, my own life was in danger.

Anyways, I never hated my work. In fact, I always loved it even when there was no appreciation or acknowledgement of any kind, for any of my works, most important being no one I know, knows what I actually do for a living. To them, I am a nerdy software engineer working for some small software company engaged in the field of exporting software for embedded computing platforms.

This is my story, story of No. 0023, as they know me. You see, I am a spy, a spy working with an agency that operates on an international level. No one knows the name of the agency or the clients they work for. All we know is the task that is assigned to us. Most often these tasks include covert operations over terrorist organizations that have been growing like mushrooms throughout the world. Some of our best works have been against these terrorist organizations wherein we have been foiling their plans to wreak havoc, irrespective of what land they are and what country they are planning this terror operation against. All we know is that we are the last line of defence.

Again, like I said earlier, no one knows us, infact, we are trained such that we do not disclose our own identities to even our colleagues. All they know about us are some obvious facts like our names (or the numbers, which serve as our names) the operations we have engaged in, but one thing is made sure of. No one knows which operation an agent among us will be handling, all they know is our past achievements. This does sound like a weird task but is important for the cause we are working.

This time around, I was summoned to the agency, at a quite short notice. While I was going there, I had no idea what were they upto this time, and I was supposed to be ready for any situation, as it was always expected from all the agents working for the agency. We all knew what we are doing and hence no one ever complained about this, as everyone knew the contingencies and dire situations that kept unfolding round the clock.

As I reached the agency, I was handed over the file. I didn't read it as I knew I will be briefed about the task almost immediately. I went into the briefing room and came out in fifteen minutes. This time, the task was a bit different, and I for sure knew that the agency is planning something very big so as to hand over this task to me. What the task was? I was supposed to train another spy. I did ask them why was it me to train this another spy, when the trainings and all those administrative things were already taken care of by another department. All I was told was that the task requires the new spy to work along an experienced spy for reasons well know to the agency only. I didn't ask any more questions, as I did not expect an answer for any more questions.

I was taken over and was introduced to this new spy, No. 0061. She was a gorgeous lady and must have been in her mid 20's. This was the first time in my entire career that I was now thinking why did she choose to be a spy. I, however kept this question to myself as it was not a tradition in the agency for agents to enquire about other agents. As I was having some conversations with her, within no time I found out that as beautiful as she was, she was also a peppy lady with all the qualities that must be there in a spy. I was now sure that there was something very big around this whole operation and I needed to make sure that I do this task entrusted upon me, with utmost dedication, for whatever the agency had planned, I knew it would change the world for better, and would thwart more threats to the world peace.

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