Friday, January 22, 2016

I-Spy - The agency

So, here she was, No. 0061, the brilliant lady, a truly beauty with brains, but I still didn't get the reason for her joining the agency. For me, she was too beautiful and intelligent at the same time to be joining a covert fighting force, one which never got it's due credit nor is there any chance of that happening anytime in the foreseeable  future. While, this wasn't something I ever understood about the others in the agency, for, I myself had some reasons for joining the agency, and I never did share this reason with anyone, and I am not going to do that here as well.

Nonetheless, I had to make sure that No. 0061 firmly grasped the lessons they covered in the initial training session, as that was the basic and if she didn't know that, ultimately the failure would be mine, as I now had the charge to hone her skills, and what better a point to start from than beginning right from the start. As part of the basic training, we agents were taken through very tough courses that would, at times go on for months altogether.

The actual courses are classified and I do not intend to share them all here, just a few basic things that is quite general knowledge when it comes to spy agencies around the world. The course included lessons to teach the potential spies how to mingle around and get dissolved in the surrounding crowd, not to be identified as someone different from the crowd when standing among a group of people. This was one basic necessity that every spy needed to have inbred into themselves. Without this basic skill, the cover will be blown apart and the assignment will be compromised, and this was a very high possibility point the agency or any of the agents never wanted to happen. Next in the series of the hair raising courses included technology demonstrators with brilliant spy gadgets, that have always been ahead of time, and before anyone else in the world hears about something like that, we moved atleast 2 or three generations ahead in such a technology.

This technology demonstrator included stringent workshops to teach the agents how to make the best possible use of these devices, which all situations to use these gadgets, what all were the possible outcomes of using the device and what all the agents could do as a backup plan, if things didn't go as planned. One of the other important things included learning the skill of navigation. As a spy, there was always a possibility of a spy getting forced to work up their way out of uncharted and unknown territory, all on their own. This was a thing that needed all the agents to have a certain level of navigational skills deeply engraved in their minds. While we always had devices and gadgets at our disposal, it was expected from every agent to be able to navigate around the work area on their own without the help of any of the modern gadgets we had at our disposal.

Training on modern weapons, close quarter battles hand-to-hand combat exercises had to be mugged up so well that even if an agent is woken up right in the middle of the night, from their deep sleeps, they would still be able to save themselves in dire situations. This was an important trait that was must for every agent or they would rather go and fail in the field, something, the agency never risked to let happen.

Frankly speaking, the whole array of gadgets we used was "helluva fantastico". Gadgets that would shame even the superhero stories of the likes of Batman and others like James Bond, though not as cinematic as those gadgets, ours were rather functional than being dramatic. Bugs of all shapes and sizes and capabilities meant we could gather information without really  getting ourselves into trouble. Weapons ranging from a small cigarette cannon that would cause drastic damage to the one fired upon, to guns which could bring down entire fighter jets flying at mach speeds.

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