Friday, October 30, 2015

The Golden Dragonfly

A number of you must be knowing that I love gardening, and thus, have a small container garden on the top floor of my house in Delhi. Actually, this is what I could afford and hence this. Anyways, for all my love for gardening, I have a lot of plants on the top of my house, in earthen pots. Since there are plants, there are frequent visitors too to the plants. One of these frequent visitors was a golden dragonfly which I had captured.

These guys are very good at posing for photographs as it is not very often that they will make you run behind them to get good clicks of them. Also, once they sit on a plant, they like sitting there for a good amount of time to let you click them with your camera. This generous guy was no different. He gave me ample time while sitting on different plants to get shots from every angle possible. And here I present to you, some of the shots that I found out to be the best.

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