Friday, August 21, 2015

And I almost missed my flight

This is a work of Fiction written for Airtel 4G.

So, this is when I was on an official trip. I was sitting at the airport terminal for my flight. Since I was pretty early in reaching to the airport, to catch the 5:10 am flight, considering the fact that I had to reach the Airport which is about 15 kilometers away from my home, and I had to take up a cab or something to reach there, I left my home early. And luckily or unluckily, I got the cab as soon as hit the road, which in turn dropped me at the airport terminal in flat 25 minutes, pretty fast isn't it? Ofcourse, it was way too early in the morning for wise people to wake up, so, the roads were not clogged up as they are in the peak traffic hours, or even in the non-peak traffic hours and I was lucky here. Now I was in the terminal, through the security checks, in the boarding area, I was waiting for the boarding to begin. Getting bored, I decided to check out some videos on my phone using the Airtel 4G data network I had in my phone. I checked out Youtube, and scrolled and scrolled only to find what I wanted to watch. It was a comedy movie, and I still had around an hour and a half for boarding to start, or so I thought.

I began streaming the movie, in a full HD resolution, since that is quite a norm these days, and thanks to the great network and extremely high speeds provided by Airtel's 4G network, I was pretty much confident of a great movie watching experience before the boarding started, since, I had to kill time, while I waited to take off for my destination. I began watching the movie, half way into the movie, I realised something, and checked for the co-passengers who were all seated around. Time passed on, I again got engrossed in my movie, no distractions whatsoever, since the streaming was such great that there was not a single moment where the movie stopped to buffer the data, and appeared as I was watching from the phone's storage. People continued their movement, and I was busy with my movie. All of a sudden, I had a shocker. I checked out around myself. The faces had changed. No one familiar was there. To top it all, it was my name being announced, since I was the one who checked in but didn't reach the boarding gates yet, for the final clearance. I gathered my senses and came back to reality, out of the fantasy world of the movie. This was the last call. This was when I stood up, picked up all my belongings, and started running hastily towards the boarding gate, only to encounter a long trail of barricades making a snake trail for me to cover before reaching the boarding gate.

I had made it.

You too can experience the awesome network and blazing speeds of Airtel's 4G network . All you have to do is, if you have got a 4G phone, you live in one of these cities, and you are still on a 3G or the snail 2G network, you can reach out to Twitter, tweet with #GetAirtel4G, and a new 4G sim card will be delivered to your doorstep, free of cost. But please take care that you are not caught with a situation like I was in, and please do not use your phone, for whatever reasons, while you are on the road!

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