Friday, July 10, 2015

Doing away with the belly

Being a working professional, at times, it becomes pretty hard keeping yourself in shape, moreso when your work involves working on the computer nine hours a day. Just like a number of other working people, in my age group, the same is happening with me. Working on for a little over five years now has taken a toll on my health, not that I have become unhealthy, but, a person's weight and the overall appearance is said to be an indicator of his overall health. And that is the front that I am unhealthy at. My weight has been growing steadily and this is something I need to be bothered a lot about. So, I decided to give a try to reducing my weight, and the visible belly, as I don't want it to develop as a pot belly. My line of action included a brisk walk early in the morning, before I leave for office. Given my office timings, since I need to be in office from 9 am to 6 pm, six days a week, adding around 3 hours of travel time for both sides, there's hardly any time left to do anything more, including gymming. The morning walk regime started, to keep a track of my workout, I am using a phone based app called Endomondo, which helps me track the number of kilometers I have walked with the help of GPS tracking, and a number of other useful features like approximate calories burnt in a workout, pace and speed at which I walked, average time taken per lap (which breaks up the entire course of workout in laps of 1 km each).

Screenshot of the application showing one of my workouts history.

Beyond this simple workout, it is advised that one follows a controlled dieting regime too for an effective weight management. Experts advice that people should not over do this with the help of crash diets, skipping meals and such. One such helpful way to help you reduce weight faster and more effectively is reducing your sugar intake. It is advised that one can replace refined sugar they take in in food and drinks with honey, a better and natural alternative that is sweet but is not harmful like sugar. While crash diets appear to be a better alternative, in the long run, this is not a good alternative, since crash dieting includes a drastic reduction in calorie intake, and at times people skip entire meals, which can make them feel unwell, and does affect our long term health as well. Moreover, crash diets are not known to help you maintain the weight for a longer term. That's why a gradual weight loss regime, which involves a balanced, well thought out diet, regular physical workouts is something recommended.

So, I was talking about Sugar intake. It is believed that more than fat, sugar plays a much bigger role in increasing your weight. So, a proper balanced diet targeted at weight loss usually does away with sugar intake, and as a substitute honey is used. This is called Honey Diet. A dieting regime where the use of refined sugar has been largely or completely replaced by alternatives like Honey. Weight lost in a proper planned and balanced way goes a long way keeping the weight you managed to reduce, and doesn't have any negative impact on your health since you are not skipping any meals or are not taking any drastic steps to reduce weight.

Well, I am trying to inculcate healthy eating habits, and trying to continue my physical workout regime, let's see and hope that I be successful, and don't reach the pot belly stage.

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