Sunday, June 14, 2015

The hand painted wall decal

Long ago, I promised sharing the end product of my toothbrush painting adventure. And then, I just went missing. I know, it's been almost a month since I last posted here. I was regular in posting here then whoosh, I was gone one day. Well, I am to blame for this. There's nothing in particular that was holding me back, but, I somehow skipped writing in here. Maybe, I was concentrating on something else, my other blog, and one more thing that I will be sharing with you all, soon.

These days,among home decor section in most of the online shopping sites, there is something that has been gettng a lotof attention, and rightly for what these things help you do with otherwise bland walls, if you are someone like me who is not rich enough to splurge money in lakhs on getting your walls painted in decorative colours, designs and patterns. So I set myself up to do sometging I had learnt in school, something which I shared with you all a couple of months back, and also promised that I will share with you guys, the final things, and then I just missed doing that. So, for now, I shall fulfill my promise I made long back. Yes, I'm sharing with you guys, the shots of the two finished (okay, one is still unfinished, and I still don't think that I will ever finish it :P).

Go ahead, click on those pictures. I have uploaded all the shots in relatively large resolutions, so as to allow you take a close look. And should I remind you, these things are painted with a toothbrush, and span over an area of around 7 feet by 3 feet, and were painted with the help of paper stencil, I had cut out after printing the outlines of some SVG (scalable vector graphics) abstract art available freely on the internet, and enlarging them enough to be printed over that big an area (7x3 feet).

Anyways, here are the pieces.

Do I need to say anything else? I guess, there's no need for that. So, these are two designs I completed on two walls in my home. There are plans for more of them, but, I don't think that I will work on them any further, since working on these things take a lot of time, which is something I do not have a lot to spare. As I told you I am working, on something, which takes up a lot of my free time, and then, I have been a culprit of starting a number of blogs, a third one, that was in works for a long time now has now gained momentum, so, that too takes up some of my time. Shall I give you an idea of the secret thing I am working on?

Well, that is in works for very long time, it's been in concept for around 5 years now. I have been working on gathering knowledge about how to go about it. OK, it is a solar power generation system I have conceptualised for too long now. The idea is to install a solar power generation system on the rooftop of my house, which will be sufficient enough to power all the appliances in my house, barring a few power hungry appliances. The plan is exorbitantly expensive, something I cannot afford in one go, and hence this idea cropped up. I will be building a scalable system, that is compact enough to be installed on a rooftop in a small area, and efficient enough to extract the maximum power from the sun, using some added mechanisms, and this is the thing that is taking up time. Anyways, I don't think it'll be wise to merge that blogpost in this one. So come back next week, read about it. I think, I should make it a sub section, that I will be updating frequently as the project proceeds.

Do let me know if you liked the designs, or the artwork or both. And should need any help trying to create one for ur own house, do getin tough, I will be happy to help you out. See ya!

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