Monday, April 20, 2015

Confessions of a Foodie

Did I tell you that I am a foodie too?


Well, I am one. Not a really big one to walk, sleep, and think food, but, still, I am one, because, I am always on the lookout for new food items, and their recipes. Whenever I am out to eat something (by the way, I don't go out too often), and if I like something, I try making it at home.

While the list of things I can cook is not that extensive, but I can say that I can atleast cook better than a lot of men. And it's quite often when I am in the kitchen cooking something or the other. Be it cooking it from the scratch or making something out of already cooke stuff, in case I want to eat something other than what's been cooked by my mother. Infact this is how it all started. Whenever I wanted something other than what was cooked, I was encouraged (supposed) to help myself.

Slowly, I started cooking easy things, sort of re-cooking things, then I started experimenting with new recipes, whenever I came through something interesting. One of my favourites in the Indian cuisine is the tandoori stuff. I absolutely crave for things cooked in tandoors, be it naans, tandoori rotis, tikkas or anything else as long as it is vegetarian.

South Indian stuff too are among my favourites. Though I hated the idea of having only south Indian food during one of my visits to Hyderabad-Secunderabad, in Andhra Pradesh, some years back. It was then I realised how much I love the North Indian food that I can't live without it. For a change it's fine to have food from other regions but not on a daily basis.

Since I like experimenting with food, I will use this place to share my experiments with the ther foodies. But if as a foodie you are looking for just food, I'd like to apologize. I guess you didn't read the blog's name properly. And yes, since I like clicking photographs too, do expect some photographs of the foodstuff I make. I won't really be putting down recipes everytime like the ones you can find on cooking blogs, but, you can expect it sometimes.

See ya with the food platter!

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