Sunday, March 15, 2015

Photographic experiments

Since the inception of photography, people have been doing experiments with photographic equipments. As many as the elements worth considering in photography, people came up with ideas to make photography more than just clicking pictures and sharing them. It became an art, a passion, which, today, thousands and millions of people share, and thanks to technology, we have the ability to click pictures in devices that we carry the whole day long.

Since I too have been practising photography for some time now, thanks to the cellphones that enable almost everyone, these days to click pictures at ease. A rule of thumb, most photography enthusiasts would agree with, is that one should click pictures without any special in-camera effects whatsoever, and all the post processing be done on regular colour photographs, preferably on a computing device., after taking backups of the original photographs. This is the safest method to get perfect pictures. I too have been trying ways to add the element of creativity to my photography. Since I use cellphones, that do not provide too much capability, my photography is quite limited, but you will find awesome photographs clicked by professionals.

One such photographic wonder is Selective Colouring. Selective Colouring is a photo post processing technique in which a photograph is processed such that except a few colours selected by the photographer, all other colours are converted to black and white, more appropriately called monochrome. This post processing method has got the ability to bring about stunning photographic effects, where the entire picture is black and white, and a small part is in colour, and at times, produces breathtaking photographs. Presenting here are a few photographs I clicked and post processed to add selective colouring to create some good shots.

I hope you will find inspiration in one of these pictures, to try out selective colouring with one of your pictures.

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