Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy days are here to stay

A couple of friends to hang out with, is something, almost all of us lookup to. When you have your close friends along with you, you need nothing else. Well, almost.

After completing my graduation in Delhi, I continued with my Software engineering course, and the following year, the course got completed and after that the lookout for a job started. After getting rejected and dejected by the rejections, I got a job, fairly easily, though, not as per my qualifications, but it was still a job, and I was getting paid for working. A few months into my job and a batchmate from the graduation class informed me about a Post Graduation opportunity. He and a couple of his friends had earlier conducted a reki of the University and were fairly impressed. We decided to check out, and reached there.

The University, with its location, the surrounding areas, the historic and religious importance of the place (Kurukshetra, in the city of Haryana, which has quite an importance because the epic battle of Mahabharata is said to have been fought here) it is in, makes the place quite a good one to explore, if you want to go for an outing, not far away from Delhi. Going back the memory lane, with the help of photographs, we clicked, thanks to the cameras integrated in cellphones, (God bless those who thought of this idea) just remembering the incidents that took place gets back the sheepish grin on my face. We still have a good enough laugh, talking about things we did, and said or heard, ofcourse, we were there for study. :P Spending some days at the University's hostel, thanks to the Hostel warden's kind consideration of our situation, to snatching each other's bedsheet, as not everyone used to be so wise to carry one.

Normally, we took a train from New Delhi Railway Station that started at 6:15 am and I used to be the first one to reach the station. And then series of phone calls to get the others reach the station, before the train leaves, and still, there were instances when some of them almost missed the train, and were able to catch it after running for some distance on the platform behind the train. At other times, a couple of them had to come over by a bus. Sleeping at 3 am in the night, while talking nonsense through the whole night, to being late to the class, when we were there to attend that only. Some taking bath with cold running water because there was no way to warm it up in winter, to hearing nonsense while in the bathroom. Something, that I can share a part of, but can't go on to share it completely, and we still have a good laugh over it, while we talk over phone or when we meet each other. The thing that we (I and one of my friends) overheard while we were in the hostel's washroom, someone asking - "Abe tu ke kar riya tha?" (What were you doing?), the dialect being Haryanvi (the mixture of Hindi with Haryanvi). For obvious reasons, I can't tell you the answer that came next. Those were happy days, and those days are here to stay (even if it is memories), no matter how many years pass by.

When you are with friends, the world seems to be happy. During all our visits to the university, whether for class or not, it used to be fun, and happiness was everywhere. Adjoining the university was Brahma Sarovar, a huge artificial lake, deemed to be sacred to Hindus. We spent time there in the evenings, went to visit some places of historical importance like the tomb of Sheikh Chehli, Bheeshma Kund, and such, and those of religious importance. 

A couple of my friends, trying to launch themselves in the sky, only to find themselves on the land, within seconds.
A couple of my friends re-enacting 3-idiots
Even after you had those happy moments years ago, just recalling a small incident from those memories is enough to get back the times, chuckling and getting a wide grin on your face. At times you end up laughing your heart out, recalling some incident that unfolded, and how it unfolded, and what resulted from it.

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