Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breakfast with Guptas

With the healthy and always active Guptas, there had to be something that made sure that they stayed fit, looked great and be healthy. Ofcourse, we all have food, go for exercise, gymming and all, but there had to be something the Gupta family did differently. Since they came here in the colony, around 3 years back, we have seen them like this throughout healthy and happy. While for me, I know the food I have gets me wonder about what Mr. Gupta and his family eats. For me, my palate doesn't accept anything less than paranthas. So, one morning, while being out for a morning walk, I met Mr. Gupta, who, as usual was in the park sitting with Mrs. Gupta while the kids were playing. After usual pleasantries, I got down to asking him the secret to the fitness of the family, while pointing towards the flab I was carrying. :P

What he told me was nothing short of a surprise. He told me that they have Kelloggs cornflakes in the breakfast, and for snacks, cornflake snacks had replaced their usual snacks. This was something I  did not expect, as I too sometimes have cornflakes, for the benefits it holds, but having it the same way everyday is boring. I can't have it with milk everyday, so, most often, I get back to having my regular breakfast, paranthas with butter. Seeing me surprised, Mr. and Mrs. Gupta invited me for breakfast with the family. This was something I was looking forward to. After finishing my workout, I went back home, finished the morning chores, got ready, and reached their home for nashta with Guptas. Getting invited for a breakfast with them was nothing short of an eye opener. Indeed the Guptas had Kelloggs cornflakes for breakfast. The change was that they didn't have it just one way, as I have been doing. Mrs. Gupta had infact invented a lot of innovative recipes that made the regular cornflakes appear tasty, and new everyday.

Mrs. Gupta, indeed was a masterchef at creating dishes with cornflakes. I was served laddus made out of cornflakes, coconut and dry fruits. This was something I had never had. Interesting. I instantly knew that I was up for a lot more surprises. We were served a bowl of what they called - Jagah Banane wala Naashta. I was awed at the presentation. The red sliced strawberries with banana slices, yellow cornflakes and the cold milk appeared tasty. As they say, presentation is the most important part of any food preparation. The presentation was just awesome. It was tasty. Though it had milk it was cold, and the one I used to have had warm milk, that spoiled the crunchiness of the corn flakes. The bananas and strawberry slices added taste to it. It was a fulfilling breakfast. Now I knew how they managed to stay fit and have cornflakes every morning in breakfast. Something like this is much better than having the paranthas.

Mr. Gupta invited me for an evening tea as well. This time around, I was in for another surprise. With tea, Mrs. Gupta served us snack made out of cornflakes. This was awesome. I asked Mrs. Gupta of the recipe which she happily told me. I decided that I would replace the oily and fried chips and papads with this healthy, tasty and crunchy Chatpatti Cornflakes Chidva. I thanked both of them for their hospitality, and was happy to learn new and healthy recipes.

I hope they call me again and again, if nothing, then atleast for an evening tea with chatpati cornflakes chidwa.

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