Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A new beginning-A new life

This is their story, a story which comes straight out of from some Bollywood movie, one that has action, drama, romance, and most of all, two lovers, fighting out the world, the society they were a part of, just a couple of hours back, till an unforeseen incident brought out their feelings for each other, out in the open, for everyone to comment on it, everyone trying to explain and put forth their expert opinion on a subject they rarely or never pondered over.

He was a lone wanderer who happened to like travelling down to distant places, all by his own. She, happened to be a bubbly girl, out on a summer vacation to explore the beautiful snowcapped mountain peaks of Kashmir, a place, they call, A Heaven on the Earth. The guy, our hero, was a bank professional, in his mid twenties, working with a reputed bank in Mumbai. The girl, our heroine, was a beautiful girl in her early twenties, out on the summer vacation with a group of girls from her college, out to explore the beauty of Kashmir valley.

As if they were destined to meet, it was a beautiful day, when Neelima, our heroine decided to hop off the lodge room she was staying in with her friends, none of whom wanted to explore the beauty of the small sleepy town. Just at the same time our hero, Nikhil was already exploring and capturing the beauty of the landscape in his camera. He was capturing the locals when his eyes got stuck on Neelima, who was playing with a lamb a local boy was walking with. He captured a couple of her shots while she was busy playing with the white little lamb. After a few shots, he moved on to capture the scenery. While she was playing with the lamb, Neelima saw Nikhil clicking her pictures. She stopped playing and moved towards him to ask him why he clicked her pictures. Afterall, she was a girl of the modern day, she didn't like some stranger clicking her pictures. Nikhil was busy shooting when Neelima reached her. She asked him why was he shooting her pictures. Nikhil didn't realize she was the girl whom he captured in his camera. He was puzzled at first, and suddenly realized that she's the girl who was playing with the lamb. He told that he's an amature photographer out on to explore the beauty of the valley, and wants to take back home, as much as he can, and that's why he clicked the beautiful lady with that cute little lamb. At this, Neelima was angry, as she thought he was trying to flirt with her. She tried to snatch his camera, but he didn't let that happen. She demanded him to delete her pictures, to which Nikhil replied that if he deletes her pcitures, he will lose the pictures of the cute little lamb too. She was still adamant that Nikhil should delete her pictures. He didn't want to do that. So, he tried explaining her that he captures at wish. To prove that, he showed her a couple of pictures he had clicked of the locals, the landscape, the animals, mountains, and hers too. Neelima now realized that he didn't have any malicious intention, and apologized to him for her rude behaviour. Nikhil understood her, but still, he didn't delete the pictures. He offered her to compensate with a kahwa (a popular Kashmiri beverage, made out of Green tea, saffron), to which she agreed.

They spent the rest of their trip together. Over time, none of them noticed they both had fallen in love. Both of them found themselves restless whenever they were away from each other. Neelima's friends had noticed the change in her behaviour and her being missing from the group, most of the time. She had to tell them. A few more days went by with Neelima and Nikhil both meeting each other everyday, and going to explore the beauty of the Kashmir valley, more than that, both were exploring their love for each other. Days passed by, and it was time Neelima and her group of girls went back to their homes. Their trip had come to an end. Though, Nikhil's plans were to stay there for longer, and he had made his travel and lodging arrangements accordingly. The end of Neelima's trip meant he too had to leave his, in between. He hurriedly made arrangements to get back.

After a couple of days, both were back home in Mumbai. This was a new beginning to both their lives. Their life was bound to change a lot, not because of something, but because they had met someone, someone, they were destined to meet, and when they met, they began writing their own destiny. This was a new life for both of them. A life, a lot of us wish to start afresh, leaving behind the past, looking up to the beautiful future.

This is not the end. Not yet. Do check out again to see the story continue.

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