Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why Clamour?

Clamour, as, defined by The Oxford Dictionary is: A loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting.

What a restless mind is expected to do? One who has ever tried to  ponder over the state of their surroundings will be able to answer this. What can you expect restless people to do? An answer could be, create nuisance, clamouring, what else? What if I say, that clamouring, a number of the times,  has a hidden meaning behind it? Just try thinking. Have you ever pondered over the most common questions we come across in our daily life and how easily we neglect these questions/topics?


Got the answer? If yes, good, if not, it's not yet late to try and think over the things I said above. And if you're thinking this is just waste of time, then I might say, you're wrong here. Why wrong? Because almost everything we come across in our daily life has something or the other to do with ourselves, be it directly, or indirectly, visible directly if you look upon it, or visible as a small link to us.

The world has become globalized. Whatever happens at one place has a bearing at how people live and think at the other place, and who knows we are at the brink of discovering something out of our ecosystem, the earth, and start interacting with civilizations that are 'alien' to us for now. If something visibly or shall I say, invisibly, as small as discovery of the smallest particle - the GOD particle, has such a huge impact on our lives, imagine what an impact, things happening in and around your city, state or country can have on you?

So, I say, nothing is so small or so huge that one can't ponder upon, saying, what has this to do with me? As one NACO advertisement for blood donation goes, kar ke dekho, achcha lagta hai, I'll say, soch ke dekho, achcha lagta hai.

Thougths are invincible. You can think of anything you want, good or bad, Angel or Evil, and still there's so much to think. The possibilities are infinite and so, I've decided to explore some of these possibilities, that I can see, and share with you, to make your restless mind to clamour.

And if you've got a question, why this blog, why not public platforms? I'd say, I have evolved, so much so that I feel I need a platform of my own to share my views on things that directly or indirectly affect me, my life, be it about my neighbour, polity or administration, policies and principles and so on. I have tried relaying my thoughts on topics I feel about, at public platforms like in comments sections of some of the renowned dailies, but then I feel, it is just a way of one way communication. No one hears you there. Whatever they have to publish, they do it, and after that, you have got no say into anything and the money minting machines our media houses have turned, it's useless banging your head with them. They uncover a story, create breaking news, they discuss that issue with panelists who, most of the times have nothing to do with the topic in itself, and then they forget the story, leave alone taking it to a logical ending. And then there are thousands of people sharing their thoughts, emotions, rants at the comment sections of these public platforms that what you say gets lost among those thousands of views. The other problem with what you are doing there is nothing but a number, a number which that media house will prominently display while going to sell advertisement space on the front cover of their national print edition of their newspaper, or while asking for advertisement rates on one of their primetime shows which, again discusses useless stuff with unwanted people.

So let's try riding this wagon of thoughts, and I sincerely hope that we really have been imparted a sincere FREEDOM OF SPEECH, by our borrowed Constitution.